RS Feva Eastern Championships, 2018

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The RS Feva Eastern Championships, 2018, shall take place at the Royal Irish Yacht Club, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin on the 21st & 22nd of April 2018.

1. Organising Authority
1.1. The Royal Irish Yacht Club is the organizing authority.
1.2. Changes to this Notice of Race (NOR) will be posted on no later than April 13th, 2018.

2. Rules and Eligibility
2.1. Racing will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS). In the event of a conflict between the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions, the Sailing Instructions (SI) shall prevail. Prescriptions of Irish Sailing shall apply.
2.2. The rules of the RS Feva International Class Association shall apply.
2.3. Entry is open to all International RS Feva dinghies, sailed by helms and crews who are members of their National RS Class Associations and are also members of their National Authority (e.g. IS) or an affiliated club.
2.4. Substitution of helm or crew will not be allowed without the written approval of the OA.
2.5. Parent/Guardian Declarations: All helms and crews who are under 18 years of age shall submit declarations signed by their parent or guardian as per their entry form or at event registration.

3. Entries
3.1. Early entry is all entries received on or before 6th April 2018 and after that date, a late entry fee will apply. The entry fee is non-refundable.
3.2. Fees are as follows:                                 Early    Late
                                                                           €40      €55

Feva & all Juniors under 19 on the 31/12/18    
Entries are accepted at the sole discretion of the OA. Student and Junior fees apply only where both the helm and crew qualify as Juniors/Students
3.3. Entries may be made online or on the downloadable entry form published on
3.4. Late entries may be accepted under the following conditions:

• Payment of the Late Entry Fee.

• The organizing authority determining, at its absolute discretion, that it has the necessary facilities to cope with such late entry. The organizing authority shall be under no obligation to accept any late entry.

4. Advertising
4.1. Advertising will be restricted to Category C

5. Schedule
5.1. Registration shall take place at the Club House from 09:00hrs to 10.30hrs on Saturday 21st April. Sailing Instructions will be available to competitors at registration, and may, where possible, be posted on the RS Class Association and RIYC websites ( during the week in advance of the regatta.
5.2. A briefing will be held at 10.30 hrs on the first day of scheduled racing at the RIYC.
5.3. The series shall be no more than six races. Three races must be sailed to constitute a series.
5.4. Schedule of races;

Saturday 21st April. It is intended to run three races (back to back), this may be increased at the discretion of the race committee.
Sunday 22nd April. Remaining races back to back
Regatta Briefing:                        Saturday 21st April 2018 10:30
Warning Signal Day 1:                Saturday 21st April 2018 11:55
Warning Signal Day 2:                Sunday 22nd April 2018 10:55

5.5. The schedule of all subsequent races shall be as per the SIs.
5.6. No warning signal will be made after 15:00 on the last day of the event, except for postponements & general recalls of a race where the warning signal was made before 15:00.
5.7. The race committee reserve the right to sail an extra race on either day of the regatta.

6. Race area and courses
6.1. Details of the race area and courses to be sailed will be outlined in the Sis and available at registration.

7. Food
7.1. There will be food available to purchase after sailing each day.

8. Liability
8.1. Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Decision to Race. Competitors shall accept that their participation in the event is at their sole, exclusive risk, in every respect. By way of entry to the event, competitors shall indemnify the RS Feva Ireland Association, the Royal Irish Yacht Club, their officers, members, servants and agents in respect of all claims and demands of whatever nature which may be made upon them in connection with or howsoever arising from their participation or intended participation in the event. Competitors shall acknowledge that the RS Feva Ireland Association, the Royal Irish Yacht Club, their officers, members, servants and agents accept no responsibility in respect of loss of life, personal injury or loss or damage to property which may be sustained by reason of their participation or intended participation in the Regatta or howsoever arising in connection with these events.

9. Rights to Use Names and Likenesses
9.1. Competitors automatically grant to the organizing authority without payment the right to make, use and show any motion pictures, still pictures and live, taped or filmed television of, or relating to the event. They also allow their names, age category, club and boat details to be displayed in competitors lists prior to the event and in results, both on the RIYC and RS Class Association websites and in other publications.

10. Scoring
10.1. The low points scoring system of RRS Appendix A will apply.
10.2. The minimum number of races to constitute an event shall be 3 (three).
10.3. When four or fewer races have been completed a boat’s series score shall be the total of her race scores. When 5 races or more have been completed a boat’s score shall be the total of her race scores excluding her worst excludable score.

11. Insurance
11.1. Boats are required to sign a declaration to the effect that they are adequately insured for the duration of the event, including insurance against third party claims of at least €2 million or the equivalent in other currencies. All owners/competitors who sign the entry forms are deemed to have made a declaration that they hold such cover. Owners/competitors not holding this cover shall withdraw their entry.

12. Safety Regulations
12.1. Lifejackets or other adequate personal buoyancy shall be worn by all competitors at all times whilst afloat. Wetsuits and dry suits are not adequate personal buoyancy.
12.2. All boats shall comply with the prescriptions set out in the Class Rules.
12.3. Failure to observe the safety check system in use by the host club may result in disqualification, without a hearing, by the Organising Authority from that days racing.

13. Private or Team Support Boats
13.1. Support boats shall register at the Race Office during the registration period. During racing, support boats shall remain more than 100 metres from the course area, except when asked to assist by the Race Committee.

14. Prizes and prize giving
Prizes for the RS Eastern Championships will be awarded as follows (This will depend on participant numbers and may be amended at the discretion of the OA):
14.1. RS Feva
1st, 2nd, 3rd (both crew & helm)
14.2. The presentation of prizes will take place as soon as possible following racing on Sunday.

15. Further Information
15.1. For further information, please visit the RS Class Association and RIYC websites.


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Early entry is all entries received on or before 6th April 2018 and after that date, a late entry fee will apply. The entry fee is non-refundable.
Fees are as follows: Early €40 Late €55

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