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  •  There will be a maximum of 3 races back-to-back. Warning Signal 11.00 for Bay, 11.00 for Harbour
  • Usual racing prizes plus spot prizes for best boat.
  • The racing area in the bay, weather permitting, will be northwest of the Harbour mouth.
  • Each race will start as soon as practicable after the preceding race
  • There shall be no race unless two or more boats start.
  • Racing shall be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and the rules of the competing boat Class Association, except as amended by the sailing instructions.
  • Competitors are expected to bring adequate food and water afloat.

Registration will be open from Tuesday 11th July 2017 16.30 to 18.30 and Wednesday 12th July 0830 to 0930.

Briefing at 0930 hrs the Royal Irish Yacht Club Main Mast or in the wet bar and launching will commence at 10am

ELIGIBILITY - All helms must be members of a yacht club or a sailing club recognised by the I.S.A. Racing will be for those paid -up competitors who have entered in -

420                                 19 or less on 1- 1 -2017
Laser 4.7, Laser Radial  19 or less on 1- 1 -2017
Feva                               19 or less on 1- 1 -2017
Topper                            19 or less on 1- 1 -2017
Optimist                          15 or less on 31-12-2017
PY                                  19 or less on 1- 1 -2017

Results and notices will be displayed on the Notice board on the RIYC deck. Any changes to the sailing instructions will be shown not later than 09.30.a.m. Code flag L will be displayed at the Clubhouse.

There will be a deck party and music playing on the deck from 3.00 p.m. with. There will be plenty of fun and games with bouncy castles and other activities. A barbeque will be available for competitors free of charge from 3pm and families are welcome to join in @ a cost of €8.00 per adult. Prize giving will take place during the afternoon A first prize will be awarded when there are two or more starters, a second prize when there are five starters, a third prize when there are 7 starters. Prizes are issued at the discretion of the organising authority.

All competitors and volunteers shall be Temporary Members of the Royal Irish Yacht Club for the day of the Regatta. The Club & its representatives reserve the right to withdraw this membership.

Strict warning - competitors must at all times keep well clear of the all other shipping or other boats and /or dinghies racing.

St Bridget     Depart 0930     Arrive 1220
                               1230               1700
Schedule is daily East Pier from No 1 berth


Royal Irish Yacht Club Junior Regatta 2017

Please enter your details for online entry to the RIYC Junior Regatta

I agree to be bound by the R.R.S, Class Rules and Sailing Instructions to be issued.

First Name *
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Name of Club *
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Date of Birth * calendar
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Entry Fee

Single handed Boat €15.00 Two person boat €25.00 Fill in total amount below

N.B. Late entries may be accepted subject to the approval of the committee at the above rates PLUS €10.00. There will be no exceptions.

I wish to enter the above named boat in the Regatta and I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing, the Prescriptions of the I.S.A., the Class Rules (where applicable) and the Sailing Instructions. I accept that the participation of the above named boat in the Regatta is at my sole and exclusive risk in every respect. By this entry I hereby indemnify the Royal Irish Yacht Club, and their officers, members, servants and agents in respect of all claims and demands of whatever nature which may be made upon them in connection with or howsoever arising from the participation or intended participation of the above named boat in the Regatta, and I acknowledge that the Royal Irish Yacht Club, and their officers, servants and agents accept no responsibility in respect of loss of life, personal injury or loss of or damage to property which I or any other person may sustain by reason of the participation or intended participation of the above named boat in the Regatta or howsoever arising in connection with this event. I undertake to produce a valid certificate of insurance for third party liability of not less than €1,2700,000 upon request.

I confirm that my boat carries adequate valid third party liability insurance cover.

I accept the Terms and Conditions of the Royal Irish Yacht Club website