Member Privacy Notice 2018


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The Royal Irish Yacht Club (“the RIYC”) who carries out the business of the club at the Royal Irish Yacht Club, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin A96 RC84, as Data Controller, fully respects your right to privacy and we are committed to ensuring that all applicable Data Protection Laws in this jurisdiction are complied with.


The following information is being provided to you, as set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is intended to inform you of how the personal information you are providing/have provided will be used, by whom and for what purposes.


What personal data does the RIYC collect for its Members?


The RIYC holds the personal data of its members which includes the following:


  • Name;
  • Address;
  • Contact details;
  • Date of birth;
  • Place of education;
  • Job title;
  • Details of any boat held;
  • Proposer & seconder names;

(collectively referred to as the “Membership data”)


While the name and address of the Member is required in order to maintain your membership, the remaining Membership data is only collected if you voluntarily submit this data to the RIYC.


Why RIYC collects Membership/personal data


The membership data is collected for the purpose of: -


  1. Processing applications for membership and balloting to all members;
  2. Processing and maintaining records of the members of RIYC;
  3. Managing and administering your membership;
  4. Communicating with members including the renewal of membership;
  5. Providing any products or services or information requested by you;
  6. Registering you for events organised by the RIYC to include races, galas and any other events.
  7. Registering you for classes/courses which are organised and managed by the RIYC;
  8. Furnishing the member with a door swipe for access to the RIYC’s building/clubhouse, and for maintaining a record of entry to the building/clubhouse. 



Legal Basis for Processing your Membership Data

  • Compliance with a Legal Obligation: Where it is our legal obligation under applicable law and regulatory requirements to use your personal information in order to comply with legal requirements imposed on us. 
  • Performance of a Contract: It is necessary for us to process your personal data to perform our obligations in accordance with the Membership Terms and Rule Book. The RIYC cannot maintain the membership of a member without holding and processing this Membership data.
  • Legitimate Interests: It is in our legitimate interest to process your personal data for the following reasons:
  1. To provide you with the services under the Membership Contract which you have instructed us to deliver.
  2. To comply with applicable law or regulatory requirements.
  3. To respond to any queries that you have submitted to us.


  • Consent: We process your personal data once we have obtained your consent to do so in order to send you marketing emails and our e-newsletter (this consent may be revoked at any time).



Sharing of Membership Data with Third Parties

  • The Membership data of RIYC members is not shared with any third parties, only where it is required by law and where applicants for membership and members have expressly consented to the RIYC sharing their data.


  • Where a new member provides Membership data on an application form, this information is shared with all other members of the RIYC in order to consider the new member’s application.


  • The RIYC shares certain Membership data (being a member’s name, Crew names and boat information) with Race Officers and other competitors where a member enters a race event in which there will be a score list.


  • The RIYC shares a member’s name and membership number with the Irish Sailing Association (“ISA”) in order to complete member’s registration with the ISA. 


Security of Membership/ personal Data


The security and accuracy of the Membership data is important to the RIYC. The RIYC intend to protect all Membership data collected.


  1. CCTV


Please note that the RIYC operates a CCTV system throughout the club premises both internally and externally.


From time to time, as required by law, personal data (i.e CCTV images) relating to the members and moorings or berths at the premises are held and processed in accordance with the law (e.g for the investigation of a crime by the Gardaí). The CCTV system is operated by the RIYC with authorised personnel only having access to these recordings.


Warning signs have been placed on the premises to inform all persons entering onto the premises of the existence of the CCTV system.


The CCTV system is in operation 24 hours each day, every day of the year, except for periods of breakdown or necessary maintenance.


This information is processed for the purpose of: -


  1. a.Security
  2. b.The prevention and detection of crime


The lawful basis for the processing of your personal data above (CCTV) is keeping employees and Members safe and secure by preventing crime and ensuring compliance with health and safety procedures. CCTV images are stored on a hard drive located in the RIYC’s premises for approximately one month, before they are erased.


For further information regarding CCTV, please see the RIYC’s CCTV Policy which is available in the RIYC’s Data Protection Policy. 


  1. Photographs


From time to time, the RIYC will hold events for Members where photos may be taken of members by a photographer engaged by the RIYC.  A member’s photo may be shared on the RIYC Facebook page, the RIYC website, on posters and on the TV monitor within the RIYC’s premises or may be included in the electronic magazine which is made available to members.


Any member may request the removal of their photo at any time from our web services. Please contact Sarah Breen, Club Secretary of RIYC to make such a request.


  1. Financial data


From time to time, RIYC may be required to process a payment at your request. The RIYC will require your financial data to process such a payment for a product or service. The RIYC does not retain this data and it is immediately destroyed once the payment has been processed.


Members may also use the RIYC website to pay subscriptions or entry fees for the events, or outstanding amounts.  Our site contains a link to Realex payments portal, which processes payments on behalf of the RIYC. If you follow a link to this website, please note that Realex have their own privacy policy and we do not accept any responsibility or liability for that policy. Please check those policies before you submit data to that website.


  1. Special category of Data – Medical


Member’s Medical data is collected and processed from time to time by the RIYC, in particular in relation to sailing courses provided by the RIYC.


Medical data is only processed by the RIYC with the express written consent of the individual Member (or the Member’s parents if the member is under 18 years) and the RIYC will only share this information as authorised by that Member (or the Member’s parent) with a Senior Instructor, the Shore Mum, the Junior Organiser, the Sailing Services Manager and insurers.


This information is only processed by the RIYC in the vital interests of those Members who provide their medical data and with their express consent, to ensure the protection and safety of the RIYC members.


Retention of Membership/personal data


The RIYC will retain and process your Membership/personal data for as long as you are a Member of the RIYC and for a period of five years from the date of the expiration of your membership.


Thereafter your Membership data will be deleted by the RIYC and will no longer be retained. 



Retention of Other Data


  • Medical Data: The RIYC will retain a member’s medical data for as long as necessary for the length of the course/program for which the data was obtained and in accordance with the provisions of consent signed by that Member. Thereafter the medical data collected will be destroyed.


  • CCTV Recordings: CCTV recordings will be maintained for a period of one month of being recorded before they are destroyed. This is subject to the personal data being processed as is required by Statute (i.e Gardaí investigation) and in that case the data will be retained for as long as is necessary for an investigation to conclude and the prosecution of any offence for which that personal data may be required as evidence. 


All data is securely held in accordance with the RIYC Data Protection Storage Policy.


Rights of an individual Data Subject


As a data subject and in accordance with the applicable Data Protection Laws in this jurisdiction, has following rights: -


  1. rights to access, rectification, erasure and portability of the personal data (in certain circumstances)
  2. rights to restriction of, or objection to, processing of their personal data (in certain circumstances);
  3. rights to withdraw consent at any time (if consent is used as the lawful basis of the processing)
  4.  right to move your information- we can share a copy of your personal data held with another organisation on your request.


Should you wish to make a request in relation to a, b, c and/or d above, please contact Sarah Breen, Club Secretary of the RIYC by:


  • ØEmail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • ØTelephone:
  • ØAddress:         Royal Irish Yacht Club, Harbour Road, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin


How can I raise a complaint?


You have a right to complain to the Office of the Data Protection Commission in relation to the processing of your personal data ( 


All enquires that you have in relation to data protection issues should be addressed to Sarah Breen ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).


Changes to this privacy notice


We keep our privacy notice under regular review. This privacy notice was last updated on 25th May 2018.